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UnderCover provides proven xpairtise from cover to cover in making books, company magazines, annual reports and magazines. We handle every single step of the creative process, from the concept to the freshly printed end result for publishers, companies and authors. You can opt for the full package or single out a specific service - the choice is yours.

Idea factory

UnderCover doesn’t just pick low-hanging fruit. Our ambitions reach higher. We are your creative sparring partner that helps you make your book or magazine as appealing as possible. We rack our brains to come up with the ideal approach in terms of content, form, photography, illustration, ... 

We don’t jump ship once the ideas are agreed upon. On the contrary, we get the job done. 

Writing coaching and ghostwriting

Hours. Days. You’ve been staring at a blank page for weeks?
Your text packs zero punch?
You remain tone-deaf to your audience?
Don’t suffer in silence and let us help you with bespoke advice.
Or share your thoughts and insights with us.
We’ll sharpen our pens on your behalf.

Reports, interviews, custom content

Everything and everyone has a story. UnderCover has mastered the art – or is it a trade? – of unearthing and telling that story. In whatever shape or tone of voice. 


Portraits? Click. Action? Click. Food and drink? Click. Interview? Click. Landscape? Click. Click.
UnderCover clicks with the reader thanks to distinctive photography - you get the picture. 


Finding the right images at an affordable price is an arduous task. UnderCover knows where to find the most suitable photo archives and image databases.


Drawings with character.

& cartoons

Xpair, the ideal partner for a wink. 


Tell your story in a visually refreshing way with clear and attractive infographics.


A page or publication with a good architecture is like an invisible hand guiding readers to where you want them to go. Xpair points the way with a suitable typography, layout and navigation.

Editing and text correction

UnderCover dots the i’s. Or starts from scratch.

Cover design

Seducing the reader, the buyer in a split second. That is what a good cover does. We design gripping covers that make a lasting impression. For books and magazines.


Printable files or cartons filled with books? UnderCover sees the job through to the end and also proposes the most suitable technical implementation. We have the publication printed and ensure a top-quality finish.

We go UnderCover for

  • Bayer Benelux
  • Knack Historia
  • Knack Extra
  • Koninklijke federatie van het Belgisch notariaat (Royal Federation of the Belgian Notaryship)
  • Roularta Media
  • Mariaziekenhuis Pelt (St. Mary’s Hospital Pelt)
  • Trends Style Magazine
  • Flemish Authors’ Association VAV
  • Publishing company Standaard Uitgeverij
  • Mediahuis Connect
  • Pelckmans Pro
  • Van Halewyck
  • Sterck & De Vreese publishing house


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