Beach (p)art(y)


Where can you find a 67 km long open-air museum these days? In 2018 the unique triennial summer event Beaufort was organised for the sixth time. The cultural tourism project under the auspices of Westtoer showcased nineteen new artworks from De Panne to Knokke. Between 30 March and 30 September some two million visitors sought and discovered artistic gems between the grains of sand.


Xpair came up with the editorial concept for a Knack special in conjunction with Roularta Media and Westtoer. The ambition: create an accessible yet in-depth guide for both seasoned art lovers and guileless day tourists.

Digging for stories

Like beachcombers we scoured the shoreline but more than anything else we went in search of stories that take some digging. Artist Stief DeSmet (Monument for a Wullok) invited us into his workshop and his creative mind. We had a first row seat in a sculpture-casting foundry when one of the eye-catchers (The Navigator Monument) was cast in bronze. 

Westtoer Tourism Awards

The Knack special Beaufort earned everyone’s attention. And everyone’s praise, too. At the Westtoer Tourism Awards in Kursaal Ostend and on regional TV stations Focus and WTV we testified to the importance of storytelling.

Editorial specials for Knack and Le Vif

Xpair had already created the specials on mobility, health, out in Belgium and winter sports in the series Knack Extra / Le Vif Extra.

Xpair delivered

concept, copy, editing, photography.



100 SNOW magazine

De mooiste zoektocht van Vlaanderen

ETION newspaper supplement

Knack Historia

Laakdal Leeft

Memorandum Gemeenschapsonderwijs



Witte Goud en Groene Gordel

De veerkracht van sociale ondernemingen

Nieuwe toekomst voor een erfgoedparel

3. VERSO VERSTERKT - Informatieverspreiding en sensibilisering (2021)

Intro (2023)








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