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If travelling broadens the mind then Davidsfonds Cultuurreizen is the ultimate form of this alluring thought. In the company of other culture lovers and with a passionate expert guide as a travelling companion you can truly get to know new destinations and cultures. The three trump cards of this cultural travel organisation: discover, enjoy, encounter.

The site no longer reflected the success and the enormous satisfaction of the participants. Without a compass to guide them, there were so many possibilities prospective travellers couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Together with Xpair, Davidsfonds Cultuurreizen created an enticing website. Custom-tailored, with an emphasis on what sets Davidsfonds Cultuurreizen apart from other travel organisations.

With transparent navigation and a practical search function, visitors quickly find what they are looking for: a great guide, their dream destination, in the right period, in the desired format (city trip, musical journey, tour, cruise or theme trip).

A very special feature is the exclusive digital club house where travellers can meet up with the guide and fellow travellers. Before, during and after the trip everyone can share tips, photographs, videos or musings to their heart’s content.

The PiXpair photographers joined the travellers on a trip to Italy and Greece and they brought a drone. We used it to shoot atmospheric images that inspire wanderlust and let visitors of the site dream away.

The site was built using Crowl Pro, an extremely user-friendly digital platform that allows fast adjustment of the content without technical hoo-ha. Updating or adjusting your own site is child’s play. Required advance knowledge: zero.

Also for the Davidsfonds, Xpair created the sites of the annual top events Toast Literair and De Nacht van de Geschiedenis. For the board members of the Davidsfonds we came up with the Inspiratiewijzer, which offers tips on how to put together a varied cultural programme.

Mobile first

Een webapplicatie moet ook mobiel vlot toegankelijk zijn. De opmaak en indeling van een Crowlsite gebeurt met loepzuivere CSS waardoor responsiviteit en mobiele toegankelijkheid een fluitje van een cent is. 

Geïntegreerde SEO

Search engines love Crowl thanks to the high-performance SEO optimisation. Bookings were pouring in in record numbers within one week of the launch of the new site.

Gebruiksvriendelijk voor bezoeker en beheerder

De beheerders konden dankzij het gebruiksvriendelijke CMS de inhouden in no-time invoeren, compleet met interactief kaartmateriaal, afbeeldingen, tekst, films en reisinformatie en de bezoeker vond meteen de weg doorheen de site. 



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