Lifestyleblad over de sleutelfases in het leven

Branded journalism. Custom content. Call it what you will. It’s a damn good magazine. Fact is that Fednot (the Royal Federation of the Belgian Notaryship) places relevant content in the right context in lifestyle magazine NotaBene (°2017). Are you reading this right? Notaryship and lifestyle in a single sentence? Absolutely. NotaBene is easy on the eyes and stimulates the mind.

The fact that a notary public fulfils a social role that goes way beyond the obligatory visit for those buying a property or claiming an inheritance is something of which the public at large are hardly aware. Mister notary public provides added value at most of the key moments in our lives. There you go: yet another prejudice. Because more and more often, mister notary public is actually a woman.

Caleidoscoop van boeiende verhalen

NotaBene doesn’t try to disprove this or other persistent preconceptions - the magazine is more than merely a captatio benevolentiae designed to curry favour. It’s a kaleidoscope of practical tips and fascinating stories by interesting people. NotaBene is about love. NotaBene is about entrepreneurship. About buying and selling, inheriting and donating... In short, about life from the cradle to - unfortunately it’s a fate that awaits us all - the grave.

Nieuw imago

With NotaBene Xpair showcases the power of journalistic storytelling – a concept which all too often is merely a hollow phrase. Notaryship is undergoing a metamorphosis and deserves a new image. Don’t preach from the pulpit about how relevant and indispensable you are. Do it by sharing stories and showing everyone how to make a difference. Through NotaBene, for instance, a fine example of the power of co-creation.

Xpair delivered strategy, concept, design, copy, editing, photography, infographics, lay-out, print.



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